Purpose of this website
The government website prix-carburants.gouv.fr makes data relating to fuel prices in France freely available.

The following fuels are listed there:
 - Lead Free 95 (E5)
 - Lead Free 95 E10 (SP95-E10)
 - Lead Free 98 (E5)
 - Diesel fuel (B7)
 - Super ethanol (E85)
 - Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)
The data from the instant feed, which exposes the information in real time, is thus used by this website plein-moins-cher.fr,
and formatted on dynamic interactive maps.

The proposed card is intended to be responsive, fluid and suitable for all media: office PCs, tablets, smartphones.

Website Access
Access to this site plein-moins-cher.fr is free, it does not require any authentication.
No account creation, no personal data is required to view the different pages of the site.

Relevance of the prices presented on the site plein-moins-cher.fr
Updating the selling price on the government system is the responsibility of the station manager, as soon as he makes a price change.

plein-moins-cher.fr takes care to indicate the date/time of the information, allowing the user of the site to judge the age of the update.

We can see price entry seniorities exceeding 10 days, sometimes even 30 days.
In this case, it may be a price that has remained unchanged.
It may also be stations that are unavailable, temporarily or permanently closed, the information not having been sent to the government site.

In the case of a price whose proven seniority exceeds 60 days (2 months), plein-moins-cher.fr does not take into account the service station concerned, it is not not displayed on the map, the information being considered unreliable.

plein-moins-cher.fr updates all fuel prices every 10 minutes, so as to reflect as closely as possible the regular price changes made by service stations.

Limitations of liability of plein-moins-cher.fr vis-à-vis the information presented
plein-moins-cher.fr formats the public information set provided by the French government site prix-carburants.gouv.fr, in a cartographic manner.
No modification or alteration of the dataset is performed. It is used as is to feed the interactive map.

A service station, although existing, may not appear on the interactive map.
There may be several reasons for this absence:
- The distribution point may be brand new and has not yet delivered at least 500m3 of fuel, the threshold making it mandatory to declare its selling prices on the government site,
- The price declaration is too old (more than 60 days), the service station is then deliberately hidden on the map, due to unreliable information.

The price displayed on plein-moins-cher.fr may not be the one actually observed in the resort:
- The distribution point has just changed its selling price, the new price is taken into account under plein-moins-cher.fr and is effective within 10 minutes at most,
- The price entered by the manager on the government interface is incorrect,
- The service station does not declare its prices on the government platform, the manager is then liable to sanctions.

In all cases, the government site specifies that the price it publishes is indicative, non-contractual, subject to variation.
Only the price displayed on the dispensing device is valid.

Cookies and other tracers
plein-moins-cher.fr uses tracers necessary for the proper functioning of the site and its personalization, as well as for the analysis of its audience.
Browsing on the site implies implicit acceptance of the use of these tracers.

Personal data
No personal information is collected or stored by the site.

However, geolocation is necessary for displaying service stations around the user's position.
This geolocation request may be refused, as it is not essential for using the site.
When the geolocation is determined, this data is neither exploited nor archived.

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These discreet advertising links do not in any way hinder the ease of navigation on the site.

Quote plein-moins-cher.fr in the digital press
As a digital press actor, you are fully authorized in your articles:
- to cite or create links to any page of this website https://plein-moins-cher.fr,
- to include screenshots of all or part of the site, citing the source.

For information, the plein-moins-cher Widget is available, it allows you to present the price of fuel to your readers, in your city, your county or region.

legal information
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